“The latest in a summer of American imports to Edinburgh, Pauley’s flawless confidence and no-bullshit attitude make her a sharp, polished performer. Her ability to flit from charming anecdote to viciously biting punchline at a moment’s notice makes her a fascinatingly unpredictable comedian; an animated, emotive spectacle with an innate sense of where the laughs are.”                                                           Marcus Kerhohan-The Journal (Edinburgh, Scotland)

“Bernadette is a great comic because she didn’t take any shortcuts to get to where she’s at. Her looks versus her life experience are polar opposites, which creates a situation where she can really shock the audience with her view of the world. Always great to watch her work.” 

                                                                              – Bill Burr, The Comedians Magazine

Bernadette Pauley on Gotham Comedy Live AXStv from Bernadette Pauley on Vimeo.


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Comedian Bernadette Pauley  co-hosted  “The Gossip Queens,” a daily half-hour television series airing five days a week in syndication. She hosted 2 seasons of Comedy.TV, also syndicated. She was a regular guest panelist on HLN’S “The Joy Behar Show” and FoxNews “RedEye w/Greg Gutfeld” and “Megyn Kelly” shows.  Let’s not forget the repeat appearances on VH1, MTV, TBS, Animal Planet, Comedy Central’s “Tough Crowd w/Colin Quinn” and her work with Hollywood director Andy Tennant (HITCH, SWEET HOME ALABAMA), on his “Wedding Album” pilot for FOX. Past hosting projects include Burly TV for Lorne Michaels and “War of The Wives” for Bravo. Between television appearances, she headlines colleges, casinos and comedy clubs throughout the US and internationally and has twice been touted by Student Activities Magazine as a ‘Hot Comedy Act to Follow’. Her jokes have been printed in The Huffington Post and The New York Post who has listed her as “The best of New York City Live Comedy” and listed her jokes among the “Funniest of The Year″. Most recently she appeared on Gotham Live for AXS TV.

Born and raised in Revere, MA in an Irish Catholic Boston neighborhood, she is the daughter of a cab driver and a union steward. After graduating Emerson College with a B.A., she moved to New York and began paying off her education with a string of glamorous jobs including waitress, bartender, paralegal (lasted one day), bathroom attendant, coat check girl, cigarette girl and dog walker. With a resume like that, could she be anything BUT funny? Recently relocated from New York to Los Angeles with her husband and her dog, Bernie often wonders where she belongs: in blue collar Revere or Beverly Hills? The answer is both. And neither.

Currently, her standup can be seen on TV Guide channel’s ‘Standup in Stilettos’ hosted by Kate Flannery of ‘The Office’. You can read her latest blog posts on CRAZYTOWNBLOG.com and right here.

On the road in Alaska…